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Are you aware that you are able to auto-assign possession for tickets according to pre-defined conditions? Yes, with Ticket Assignment Rules you are able to perfectly route your incoming tickets towards the appropriate department and additional assign possession into it once moved. Besides incoming tickets, you are able to set a project rule to become applied while upgrading a ticket too. Further you can include multiple assignment targets to some rule to obtain the obtain the most from it.

Read further to understand how to pull off it.

Creating a project Rule

To include a brand new ticket assignment rule, stick to the steps given below:

  1. Click Setup
  2. Within the Automate section, click Assign/Route
  3. Click New Ticket Assignment Rule
  4. Within the new rule page, enter a Reputation for the rule
  5. Give a Description concerning the rule
  6. Underneath the 'Execute Rule On' option, choose either/both Ticket Creation or/and Ticket Updation
  7. Click Add Target with this Rule
  8. Within the Add Target page, give a criteria in the drop lower regarding define if this rule must be triggered
  9. Choose the agent with whom check in must be designated when matched up using the criteria
  10. Click Save
If you have more than one department in Zoho Support, you can choose to move tickets between departments based on pre-defined criteria and further assign ownership to a ticket once moved to the new department.

Setting Tickets to Agents

While setting tickets to agents in the drop-lower, you will see only individuals who're active and confirmed inside a department. So kindly confirm if John is definitely an active agent within the selected department. You should check this by visiting Setup > Organization Configurations. Click the related department to check on whether John goes into it.

Assignment Rules - Aren't the same as Workflows

Unlike Workflow rules, Ticket Assignment rules are mix department which enables you to definitely move tickets in one department to a different according to pre-defined criteria and additional assign a owner within the moved department. Also, several Workflow rule does apply to some ticket when matched up having a pre-defined criteria. Whereas in Ticket Assignment rules just the first target matching the factors could be applied and all sorts of else would cease to trigger.

Order of Execution

Whenever a new ticket is received or perhaps an existing is edited, Ticket Assignment rules are the initial to become triggered when matched up with criteria. Following Ticket Assignment Rules, an order of execution moves to Workflows, SLAs after which Notification Rules.

Quantity of Assignment Rules by Models

Ticket Assignment rules can be found just for Enterprise &lifier Professional clients in Zoho Support. Enterprise customers are permitted to produce a more 20 assignment rules, whereas Professional customers can make 10. Each rule could be connected with no more than 5 targets.

Deactivation/Dis-association of Agents

You are able to deactivate or dis-connect a real estate agent from the department. However the assignment rules connected using the agent would cease for you to use thereon. You could revisit a job rules to edit/remove the targets which might not be needed any longer.

Crippling a Department

You aren't permitted to disable a department when it's connected with targets in Ticket Assignment rule(s). Revisit your assignment rules to edit/remove the targets that contains the department title in the 'Ticket coming to' or even the 'Move Ticket to' fields. After this, you'd have the ability to effectively disable the intended department.

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