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Help DeskThe NCS Campus Help-desk offers IT support help Faculty, Staff, and Students in an array laptop or computer-related issues. Support can be obtained via phone, web, email, or personally.

Our mission is to supply a anchorman of contact for support, training, and guidance in using It towards the Rutgers Newark community. Our goal would be to provide service excellence while keeping the greatest degree of integrity and professionalism.

Note: Passwords might be transformed in the Help-desk, Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm

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Surf Highway Software Billing Time 2.0 - Time Sheet Management (Windows 2000 / NT / XP)
Software (Surf Highway Software)
  • Time Sheet Entries do not overlap, thus hours are blocked out for their entire duration. Billing Time limits the choices of start and end times to facilitate time...
  • Time Sheet Entry Information is flexible enough to handle ANY industry: 22 duration types, description, start time, end time, date, status, project, comments, issues...
  • Managers have the ability to approve or reject every time sheet entry, or an entire day (with only one click).
  • Since it is web-based, your time sheet software will be accessible from anywhere in the world. And navigating the monthly, weekly, and daily views is made simple...
  • Time Sheet data may be sliced and diced in various ways. Administrators may report on an individual contact, or group them together creating a weekly or daily analysis.

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