Web Help Desk change log

Web Help-desk was selected due to its versatility, reliability, and scaleability. Web Help-desk provides call monitoring, problem confirming, and FAQ’s via a secure web interface offered at

History Screen -

Once drenched in you'll be around the History Screen. This screen enables you to determine the status of current and past request technology help.

Note: Searching for any specific Ticket, Filter tickets according to status, or search according to key phrases.

Request Screen -

When you really need to create a new request technology help you will have to click the Request button.

By finishing this from It Services (ITS) may have the required information to obtain began in your request.

Time it requires to solve a request varies with respect to the kinds and quantity of demands presently within the que whenever a new request is created. Under normal conditions, new demands is going to be acknowledge within four business hrs. Time for you to completion will be different according to priority and complexity from the request, our target time for you to completion for traditional demands is 3 to 5 working days. Should more urgent demands or abnormally bulk of demands make this time around frame impractical, we'll use you to definitely create a response time suit your needs.

Confirmation Screen -

Completing the Help Form produces a confirmation email delivered to your allegheny.edu current email address. The Confirmation Screen offers the ticket monitoring number with this request.

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