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The entire reason for Change Management would be to make certain the change is completed in a minimal risk and it is performed with minimal impact. There's even more than just starting a big change, home loan approvals from CAB etc. You'll need a concrete yet an easy process to follow along with change management throughout every stage from the change existence cycle. This is exactly why you'll need better Change Management tactic to define clearness in every stage from the Change Management Existence Cycle. ServiceDesk Plus Change Management includes various features and configuration options like Change Types, CAB's, Change Roles, Change Stages, Change Templates, Change Status and alter Workflow's.

Change Types:

ServiceDesk Plus includes predefined change types defined according to the ITIL standards. You may also personalize these change types as well as add brand new ones according to your requirement.

Standard changes are pre-approved and relaxation from the changes experiences an effective approval process. You may also denote the various change types using color codes to exhibit the severity.

Change Advisory Boards (CAB)

CAB's will be the stakeholders of each and every change who're handpicked according to their understanding and experience of change situations.

Emergency CAB

These people are attentively handpicked just in case associated with a emergency. These be employed in rapid mode which enables these to skip the majority of the home loan approvals and proceed using the change request.

Change Roles

You will find always so many people involved if this involves change and every individual plays a distinctive role within the change request. Change Roles are access permissions defined solely for that change module. Aside from the default change roles additionally you be capable of add custom roles for that change request.

Change Stages

In ServiceDesk Plus, Change Lifecycle has 6 stages namely, Submission, Planning, Approval, Implementation, Review and Closure. A big change request undergoes any selected stages prior to being effectively completed and closed. Each stage within the change lifecycle requires an agreement before processing the modification the next stage.

ServiceDesk Plus enables you setup all these stages and gives you complete timeline around the change process. Actions could be carried out in each one of the 6 stages.

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