Web-based Help Desk system

This is what I have been telling many online companies to think about:
LiveAgent - It combines all features you search for (Email, Voice, LiveChat, Forum, Contact Page, Twitter and facebook support), together with advanced monitoring. And so you do not get bored while supporting your clients, additionally, it provides Gamification.

Why must LiveAgent be the very best fit for any startup ?
-> It is rather simple, around, it's not necessary to register and purchase the service monthly or annualy. We provide economical downloadable licences(Beginning from $99), that you pay once, and may do the installation in your server.
(Just in case you're searching for a regular membership plan, don't be concerned, we provide individuals too :) )

Here is a screenshot in the 'tickets' interface:

Just in case you need to discover more, you are able to contact our 24/7 support @

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