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Designing your mailbox initial view

Inside your Preferences Mail page, Default Mail Search identifies the first view whenever you sign in to your mailbox.

The default search is the Mailbox folder.

Therefore, whenever you register, the outcomes of the Mailbox display.

You are able to change this to possess another folder, tag, or perhaps a saved search displayed when you initially open the net client.

  1. Visit the Preferences>Mail page.
  2. Within the Exhibiting Messages>Default Mail Search text box specify which messages are displayed whenever you open your mailbox. Go into the search keyword, then a : and folder, tag, or perhaps a saved search title.

The next table lists some good examples to type in the text box.

Option Description

To show only unread messages


To show e-mail which are labeled with specific tags.
For instance, to show only messages marked using the ToDo tag, type tag:ToDo


To show messages which are delivered to a particular folder with an email filter

Note: Use quotes when the folder or tag is several word. For instance in:”Unread Email”

  1. Click Save.

Utilizing a reading through pane

You should use the Reading through Pane to preview messages inside your Mailbox along with other folders.

If you possess the Reading through Pane on, whenever you click an e-mail message, the content shows within the Reading through Pane and also the message is marked as read.

Delete_1To regulate how big the Reading through Pane, put your pointer around the divider bar and drag the bar.

Turn reading through pane off or on

The Reading through Pane allows you read e-mail out of your Mailbox without having to open the e-mail.

Based on your view, the Reading through Pane could be at the end or around the right, or switched off.

  1. Around the Mail tab plugin, click on the View drop-lower menu.
  2. Choose the Reading through Pane option.

Set the reading through pane for marked as read behavior

You may also choose whether messages you view within the Reading through Pane are marked as read or otherwise marked as read.

  1. Within the Exhibiting Messages>Reading Pane section, choose how messages are handled once the message is chosen.

Altering how frequently your bank account inspections for brand new email

You are able to set preferences for receive new messages including how frequently you obtain e-mail and regardless if you are informed whenever you receive new messages.

Your bank account is up-to-date with new messages in line with the polling interval placed in the mail preferences Check New Mail drop-lower menu.

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