Help Desk via Web

Let's imagine, we are likely to build a sophisticated helpdesk system in Podio with exciting features.

Specialists works in Podio, and exterior clients will have the ability to communicate with their tickets with web forms and email.

Step One - The HelpDesk Application

The very first factor we'll have to do, would be to build an application in Podio for that HelpDesk.

You could have any fields you would like, but we'll begin with the next:

Step Two - Getting new Support Demands into Podio

The Two simplest methods for getting new support demands is by webform and via email.

For that webform, be sure to specify the domain(s) the form is going to be on, and just copy the HTML supplied by Podio to your website HTML.

And Voila! You've got a support form in your website.

For receiving support demands via email, choose the "Email to Application" option beneath your Application configurations, and write down the exterior current email address with this application.

Step Three - New Ticket Flows

Whenever a new ticket is produced within the HelpDesk application, we would like GlobiFlow to perform a couple of things. One is always to set check in status to "New", and yet another would be to send an e-mail towards the customer allowing them to realize that their request continues to be received together with a hyperlink to allow them to see their ticket status.

First we'll produce the "Exterior Link" flow to exhibit check in status.

Next we'll setup the flow on "Item Produced" to update the status and send an e-mail.

Now, if somebody fills within the support webform or submits an problem via email, it'll produce a new item inside your HelpDesk application, and also the customer will get an e-mail notifying them of delivery of the problem.

Once they click the link, they'll be forwarded to an internet page showing particulars and good reputation for the support request.

The customer can anytime begin to see the particulars of the request including comment history, and may add their very own comments.

Step Four - Reacting to Clients

To be able to react to customer tickets, we are while using comments feature in Podio. Specialists will input reactions right into a new comment, and we'll have GlobiFlow email this response to the client. This flow will trigger on "New Comment", and we'll need to make certain that people don't trigger on comments produced through the user.

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