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Install ServiceDesk Plus - MSP on the Linux machine

  1. Download ManageEngine_ServiceDeskPlus_MSP.bin file.
  2. To complete .bin type files, you need the execute permission. Go into the command as given below inside your command prompt.

#chmod +xManageEngine_ServiceDeskPlus_MSP_x_Linux.bin

  1. Execute the .bin file.
  2. The License Agreement is displayed. Please browse the license agreement carefully. You have to accept the license agreement to proceed using the installation.
  3. Click Yes to simply accept the license agreement.
  4. Choose the ServiceDesk Plus Edition to set up.

    • Standard Edition: This edition offers Account Management, Billing, Help-desk Management, Self-Service Portal, Understanding Base, SLA Management, and Help-desk Report that will help you manage and track your demands.

    • Professional Edition: This edition offers Account Management, Billing, Software Compliance &lifier License Monitoring, Product Catalog, Resource Reviews and couple of other resource related process together with the characteristics of normal Edition.
    • Enterprise Edition: It is really an ITIL ready help-desk. It offers all options that come with Professional Edition plus Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management and repair Catalog.
  5. The next thing is selecting cellular phone directory. Automatically, the applying is set up in home//ManageEngine/ServiceDeskPlus-Msp directory. If you wish to alter the installation directory, then click on the Browse button and select cellular phone folder. Click OK.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Go into the Server Port Number to operate the net server. The default port number found here is 8080. If you have another application running for the reason that port, then go into the port number that is free and may be used to run the net server. Click Next.

NOTE: If you wish to give a port number lesser than 1024 because the server port, then you have to be the super-user from the system to effectively install and run ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application.

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