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Free website Help Desk

Elementool is an internet based help-desk solution which has a fundamental option that's totally free. I have checked it for you personally!

Elementool Corporation. has produced a suite of located help-desk programs:

  • Help-desk - store all of the messages caused by and delivered to clients inside a database within their account, track and examine the correspondence good reputation for each message and assign tasks to team people, generate reviews and so forth.
  • Bug Monitoring - track new bugs, prioritize and assign bugs to team people, generate bug reviews, etc.
  • Time Monitoring - monitor projects and resource performance, define different tasks, compare believed with actual time reviews, create Gantt charts and much more.

System Needs

As Elementool is really a located help-desk solution, you simply require a (modern) Web Browser and internet access.

My Impressions

I've examined Elementool's help-desk solution from the following areas, where I grade all of them with stars, 1 through 5 (more is much better):
  • Functionality: I search for helpful functions as opposed to a lot
  • Customizability: If you want to align your tool for your business, you'll most likely have to personalize the tool
  • Simplicity of use: A helpdesk tool must aid, not hinder, the support process
  • Speed: Any customer support repetition that needed to wait on the system while speaking to some customer, knows the "requirement for speed"
  • Reliability: You'll need a tool you can rely on, with data integrity, which works when you really need to

The Score

Elementool's fundamental version doesn't have lots of functions. One downside within their help-desk solution is always that you are able to develop all type of reviews, however the designs can not be saved. That is bad, because you will find little reviews that may be easily utilized. Most needed functions can be found though. The part where one can choose to either send or otherwise send e-mail from issues is effective. *** 3 stars.

The fundamental version has some options to personalize the applying. Certain fields could be transformed in type and caption, that is greater than the thing is in other free help-desk programs. **** 4 stars.

Simplicity of use
Your internet browser takes getting accustomed to. But Elementool has added an additional handicap... One which I frown upon! I realize that the free help-desk option would be only possible with a few advertising, but Elementool adds a prominent animated banner above and underneath the screens. The animations draw a lot attention, it's nearly impossible to utilize concentration. Bad. (Note: the advertisements aren't within the compensated version) * 1 star.

The rate from the application is alright. This really is affected however through the speed of the Access to the internet **** 4 stars.

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