Open source ticketing Systems

ticketWhat’s the only most important element of craft creativity organization’s infrastructure? For a lot of, it’s their ticketing software. Take into account that:

  1. It’s a funnel by which most or all their revenue flows.
  2. It offers their finest or only possibility of collecting details about patrons.
  3. It frequently can serve as the main medium for showing details about approaching occasions.

Rubber, let me expose you to Road.

Therefore if your business is among individuals to whom ticketing is the mission critical business process, I've one easy question: are you currently pleased with your ticketing software?

If you are like the majority of folks we’ve spoken to, the reply is at the best a “well…” and potentially a convincing “no!”

The fact is that most widely used ticketing systems specified for to meet the requirements of huge institutions and commercial venues. They’re too costly and too complicated for small organizations and independent producers. Meanwhile, the couple of systems which do focus on the small guy frequently provide just the most rudimentary functionality.

At Fractured Atlas, we feel it doesn’t need to be by doing this. We feel all organizations, small and big, should get access to a ticketing system that:

  • Sells tickets precisely the way your business really wants to sell tickets
  • Is made around the latest and finest technologies and software methods
  • Combines with all the others you have (or may want to get)
  • Causes it to be simple to try something totally new and incorporate emerging guidelines
  • Is reasonable for small non-profits, and ideally is totally free

Using the generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and also the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, we're beginning a task to build up this type of system: ATHENA Tix, a wide open source, community-developed event ticketing system.

ATHENA Tix is going to be software and also the infrastructure essential to make that software work. It will likely be product documentation, well recorded APIs, and sample integrations and designs. It will likely be freely shared source code, collaboratively-developed specifications, open defect monitoring along with a public complaint box. Most significantly, ATHENA Tix is a community. It will likely be the designers, implementers, user organizations and affiliate marketers who plan and style the machine together, develop it collaboratively and share guidelines of using it to market tickets.

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