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Overview – Extended Time Spent Billing options of Web+Center

The Extended Time Spent Billing choice of the net+Center application enables specialists to record individual time spent records that comprise specialist, billing or non-billable, hourly rate, some time and a little note concerning the work completed. Special invoicing functions underneath the Business+Center can make computer and email-able bills according to these time spent records.An growing quantity of Web+Center customers are more compact independent IT support firms that service and bill a number of different companies or organizations which features are made to accomodate individuals needs.

New invoice reviews and print/email time spent ASP code modules are actually available on the internet+Center Documentation and Version Server by clicking the Presently Launched Files links for that Business+Center Files as well as in the word what Directory Files. The next files the following should be upgraded at the very least.

  • Business+Center (businesscenter directory): Invoice.asp
  • Language (Language Directory): PrintInvoiceTemplate.corporation
  • Business+Center (businesscenter directory): DoInvoiceSearch.asp

To check and assess the new Extended Time Spent Billing feature, stick to the steps the following.

Step #1: Enable Extended Time Spent Billing Options

  • Click Administration
  • Click System Configuration Menu
  • Click System Configuration Options
  • Make sure the Extended Time Spent Choice is checked.

Step #2: Creating Time Spent Billing Records inside a support situation ticket

  • Create or open a brand new support situation within the Tech+Center application
  • Scroll lower towards the Time Spent Billing box.
  • Enter or accept Date, Tech, Billable/non-billable, hrs, hourly rate and notes
  • Complete other situation information (groups, status, situation one-line, situation history, etc)
  • Submit the situation form to go in this time around Spent Billing entry.
  • Bring the situation form support multiple occasions and enter more hours Spent entires.
    Figure 1-1 Extended Time Spent Billing type of the Tech+Center situation form

Step #3: Creating a bill from the Situation Time Spent Billing Entry

  • Launch and sign in to the company+Center application by hitting the company+Center button within the button panel.
  • Click the Bills button in the industry+Center
  • To Produce or Update or Remove Bills promptly Spent records, click the link entitled ” Create New Bills from “Time Spent” Records”
  • Choose to start dating ? range (Last thirty days)
  • Choose other criteria if preferred to produce bills according to individual cases, individual clients, or group by customer or company.
  • Press the Submit Button to produce a preview listing of Time Spent Records that you could accept for invoicing.
  • To produce a bill your time and effort spent entry, look into the Checkbox underneath the New/Invoice column and press Submit.

Figure 1-2 – Creating a bill from choose Time Spent Billing records

Step #4: Viewing and adding additional expenses to bills

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