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Is that this free web help-desk software legitimate? The Liberum project is free web help-desk software free of charge. I have checked it for you personally!

Liberum Help-desk is really a web-based application for controlling support demands within a small company or organization. It's written for ASP in VBScript/HTML and operates on Home windows NT/2000 with IIS utilizing NT or database authentication.

System Needs

  • Home windows NT/2000/XP with IIS 4. or greater (or MS SQL Server)
  • 1 Megabytes of hard disk space for webpages
  • 5+ Megabytes of hard disk space for database
  • A internet browser

My Impressions

I've examined Liberum's free software application from the following areas, where I grade all of them with stars, 1 through 5 (more is much better):
  • Functionality: I search for helpful functions as opposed to a lot
  • Customizability: If you want to align your tool for your business, you'll most likely have to personalize the tool
  • Simplicity of use: A helpdesk tool must aid, not hinder, the support process
  • Speed: Any customer support repetition that needed to wait on the system while speaking to some customer, knows the "requirement for speed"
  • Reliability: You'll need a tool you can rely on, with data integrity, which works when you really need to

The Score

Although not so extensive, Liberum does have many helpful functions. We have an automatic mail function, and customers can enter and track problems themselves, that is a plus. And contains a (simple) understanding base, which is stuffed with solutions in the problem resolution. **** 4 stars.

As Liberum is free, you are able to go and fully personalize it to suit your needs. You need to do, however, need VB/HTML/ASP understanding to get this done. And time, obviously! ***** 5 stars.

Simplicity of use
The program "out of the box" is fairly simple to learn. I love its simplicity. **** 4 stars.

Liberum labored rapidly and well with MS SQL Server. They condition themselves this choice enhances performance, so performance might be a bit less with IIS... ***** 5 stars.

The machine labored well, I simply found this bug: Should you click back after saving a person, after which click save again, exactly the same user title is produced. I saw this bug already reported, and so i guess it will likely be fixed soon. **** 4 stars.


If you're searching to construct your personal web-based help-desk software, Liberum is a superb beginning point! Even "out of the box", it's some outstanding features, and you may completely personalize it to suit your needs. You'll need a server, however, to operate the program.

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