What does a Help Desk Technician make?

helpdesk technicians Monitors within the IT helpdesk alert specialists to incoming calls and urgent support tickets.

I recently gave a behind-the-moments consider a remote engineer’s workstation within our IT helpdesk support center. Individuals large monitors and our proprietary troubleshooting systems don’t just look impressive—they come with an important goal: Enable NetGain Technologies’ helpdesk specialists to solve problems rapidly, to get back to utilize minimal disruption. Today, let’s follow along the entire process of an IT support ticket and find out the metrics of the effective helpdesk request.

Handled services clients get in touch with the IT helpdesk in lots of ways, including email and LiveChat and on the customer portal, and my group of Remote Systems Engineers (RSEs) includes a technique of each one of these. Because telephone calls are the most typical contact, we’ll focus available-in demands here.

3 rings to achieve helpdesk specialists

We’re proud to have the ability to are accountable to our technology clients that people get most IT helpdesk calls within three rings, and our on-hold time earnings just a few seconds. We make certain that highly-qualified helpdesk specialists are for sale to answer your calls as rapidly as you possibly can, resolve your problem, and permit you to start your entire day.

RSEs visit a flashing red-colored screen that alerts these to a caller on hold. We don’t like people awaiting us. We know that everyone’s time is efficacious. Our abandon rate (the proportion of phone callers who hang up the phone before their troubles are resolved) is under 1%. The typical for this service desks is more than 8%.

fifteen minutes of RSE troubleshooting

After solving greater than a million IT support tickets for 100s of clients throughout our 30-plus years like a world-class handled IT services provider, we’ve refined our ways to be efficient and thorough.

Incoming calls become tickets—a trackable electronic paper trail that logs the issue and steps essential to achieve resolution. When the ticket is active, our RSE works together with the caller to look for the problem and repair the problem.

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