Help Desk Technician interview questions and answers

Help desk technicians keep employees productive.Help-desk specialists keep employees productive.

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When computer systems go lower or expired log-inches deny network access, business involves a halt. Help-desk support, also called help-desk specialists or computer user support specialists, identify and solve computer issues over the telephone to reduce productivity deficits. Based on the technology career website IT Paths, strong social abilities carry excess fat than technical acumen within the eyes of employing managers. Help-desk support interview questions goal to recognize customer-oriented candidates who are able to communicate well, prioritize, adjust to change and trobleshoot and fix.

Communication Questions

The capability to describe terminology with techniques a non-technically oriented caller can seem to comprehend is important becoming a help-desk support person. Throughout your work interview, expect questions that concentrate on knowing about it of software or hardware as well as measure how good you translate geek talk into vocabulary. For instance, your interviewer might request you to definitely define open architecture, fire walls or LAN. Other communication-oriented questions concentrate on how you've worked with situations where a caller didn't understand your instructions, or else you did not comprehend the caller's explanation of his problem. By getting situations prepared to share, you are able to highlight abilities for example persistence, creativeness as well as an capability to view things in the customer's perspective. They are all key characteristics for help-desk support.

Behavior Questions

A help-desk specialist must adjust to different situations, work nicely pressurized and take care of a number of tasks. To gauge your abilities during these areas, you may be given different situations throughout your work interview. For instance, you may be requested what you will do if the executive wants you to definitely totally reset his password simultaneously that all the ink jet printers cease working along with a human assets officer calls wondering why no-one can connect to the online training course. Be prepared to provide good examples of methods you'd prioritize tasks and resolve all the problems. The interviewer could even interrupt your solutions to gauge your reaction. You need to show your systematic method of showing priority for tasks which you are able to change gears when needed yet stay relaxed.

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