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Personalization and Branding. Because It’s your organization
We made HappyFox so that you can allow it to be look completely much like your company’s own help-desk. Begin with the addition of your logo design towards the Support Center as well as your Staff portal. Provide your brand as well as incorperate your own personalized description under it.

With custom CSS design, you are able to edit the font colors, styles and structure to provide your Support Center a glance that resembles your organization website.

Make your own rolesHappyFox allows you develop personalized roles for the support. You may make someone the all effective Admin with complete rights, or create new staff with restricted permissions to ensure that they'll have the ability to access just the areas you and your admin would like them to. Title staff accordingly for simpler understanding and also have complete control of the support process.

Personalize your groupsAre you currently battling to locate a whole selection of tickets that are awaiting your manager’s review since they're stuck in a variety of queues? Produce a custom category known as ‘Manager’s Review’ and add each one of these tickets under this category. Create a variety of custom groups to keep tickets for simpler reference and looking out reasons.

A easy to customize help-desk that learns every single commandHappyFox even has functions which are easy to customize. If you would like your help-desk to continually assign tickets using more than ten replies instantly for your admin? Contemplate it done. With the aid of Wise Rules, you receive Easy to customize Workflow management. Make your own rules, automate your help-desk and allow it to function just how you would like it to.

Personalized email notificationsWith personalized email notices, you may create email templates for those activities for the customer like ticket creation, staff reply, ticket resolution etc.

Take mtss is a step further and make custom email notices for your employees for ticket activity like customer replies, ticket expiry etc, to make certain your employees will always be on the top of the work.

Your personal ticket queueWhenever your staff sign in to HappyFox, they are able to personalize their ticket queue to provide them optimum visibility and functionality. Sort tickets, provide a listing view or perhaps a plain and simple ticket view, show just the posts or even the groups you would like and make certain your ticket view looks exactly how you would like it to. Thus, your employees may have better understanding that belongs to them tickets as well as have the ability to find important tickets faster.

Our reviews are easy to customize tooHappyFox Reviews could be scheduled to become received inside your mailbox without notice them. They're also easy to customize, to get the perfect parameters which are needed for the core metrics. Whether it is tickets solved, response occasions or staff performance, HappyFox can generate any personalized report effortlessly.

HappyFox also enables you to produce a personalized URL for the support portal. Have a look only at that article to understand more.

Personalising Support Emails
Does your support mail have a Personal touch? Happyfox allows you've your chosen selection of “From:” title inside your mail notices. Choose from category title, an employee title or perhaps a custom title of your liking.
And it is not all! With Happyfox, you are able to thread tickets and updates with no need of getting a “Ticket ID” inside your emails’ subject line, and making your response look more personal.

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Simple but Powerful Help Desk Software
Simple but Powerful Help Desk Software

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