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Don't mess with T-rex! Photo courtesy of David Catchpole on FlickrWhether it were left as much as me, I would never accept upgrading on the 100 approximately programs inhabiting my computer. Yep, The truth is that it – I’m a walking dinosaur.

I personally don't like learning new methods and all sorts of problems that include a transition to a different tool or simply a brand new update. If you prefer a lesson in cursing, go by my desk when new software just been installed.

The very best IT or business tools are the type that actually work away from the box plus they just naturally appear to suit your methods for doing things.

Habits the engineers at Citrix designed GoToAssist Service Desk to become that simple and intuitive. This helpdesk software programs are simple to apply, simple to use. No training needed and, bless ‘em, it’s easy to maintain.Service Desk matches issues and problems with past tickets and their resolutions. Your team doesn’t have to spend hrs on upkeep or designing integrations.

Karin Rassbach leads an IT team at Chippewa Valley Technical College that supports 20Thousand students and staff. She likes the way in which Service Desk is prepared-to-go as they are, delivering fast value. “The tools are extremely simple to use and needed minimal training. People could begin using them the following day.Inches

Have a look only at that video demo with Serta Lee, GoToAssist products director, because he shows how easy it's to log occurrences, set SLAs and hooking up to record of past issues as well as their solutions. It's all simple or, better still, automated.

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