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An apple iphone application supplements MSP's to keep an eye on all of the accounts on the run whether it is anytime or anywhere. Using the ServiceDesk's Plus MSP apple iphone application, you are able to handle multiple accounts and manage your customers without having the necessity of a laptop or perhaps a desktop. Whether it is anywhere, you could stay up-to-date with the clients and also the accounts. With Voice Dictation feature, you no more have to type and reply, rather do it with speech. Browse the features below.

Demo Server
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server :
port : 80
username: demo
password: demo

Mobileapp Code


  • Filter Demands according to criteria for example unassigned, pending, open etc with support for custom filters too.
  • View Request particulars for Individual Accounts.
  • Create, Edit and Remove demands.
  • Perform actions (Get, Assign, Close, Reply) for demands.
  • Work log and resolutions could be added/modified for every request.
  • Make Individual Request Billable/Non-Billable.
  • Notes could be added/modified for every request.
  • Additionally towards the above options that come with MSP Application, listed here are several options that come with voice dictation in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP
  • Capability to call requester and hang first response time concurrently
  • Adding the phone call to notes
  • Adding the phone call log to worklog

Key Speech Recognition Features

  • Dictation of Tickets
  • Editing of Tickets
  • Answer check in.
  • Assign /Pickup Tickets.
  • Close Tickets.


  • Keep an eye on all Demands while on the go.
  • Enhances specialists productivity
  • Faster Response duration of tickets therefore growing client satisfaction
  • View Request particulars for those accounts
  • Monitor time allocated to tickets while using Worklog
  • Resolve and shut tickets using Speech recognition
  • Automatic time spent calculation for worklog
  • Avoid breach from the First Response SLA
  • Capture call log and bill precisely

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