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it-service-desk-management-software.pngCustomer care has advanced significantly since the appearance of cloud based programs.Located help-desk software have clearly overtaken on-premise solutions using the energy and versatility they provide when it comes to features, maintenance, costs and extensibility. Until a couple of in the past, hosting a help-desk software by themselves servers was the only method companies could leverage a scalable solution for his or her support team.

However, self-located solutions remained as limited by a few factors. For instance, companies were made to either open their fire walls so help-desk teams on the highway could connect to the software, or limit access simply to their secure systems. Furthermore, support teams still needed to depend on internal IT to consider proper care of maintaining the program, improving it, and making certain server uptimes.

With online customer care software located around the cloud, companies can enjoy the advantages of a effective, always up-to-date help-desk solution that they'll access everywhere, without having to worry their IT teams.

Why Freshdesk?

Freshdesk was built ground-up like a located help-desk solution around the cloud which makes your agents’ lives better. Help-desk teams have access to all of the wealthy features, benefit from the intuitive interface, and support clients from almost anywhere, while using internet browser on their own desktop computers, pills and phones. 1000's of companies, from online companies to businesses, are winning the romance of the clients every single day using the effective ticketing abilities, super-wise automations, integrated message boards and much more, in Freshdesk. Get Freshdesk now, and go through the energy of the located help-desk software free of charge without having to worry about installations, maintenance and all sorts of that muck!

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