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Monitor your whole IT infrastructure using OpManager, a effective Network Monitoring Software that's tightly integrated with ServiceDesk Plus. OpManager picks up fault and gratifaction problems inside your network and thru integration with ServiceDesk Plus, allows automatic development of occurrences according to pre-defined error conditions. This alerts the right ServiceDesk Plus specialist to consider corrective action.


ServiceDesk Plus provides the following features for simple understanding management
  • Auto ticket generation on failure of network products or notices sent by application.
  • Automatic situation routing towards the appropriate specialist.
  • Centralized monitoring of network failure related tickets.
  • Immediate notification of network failures allows IT to make sure maximum Infrastructure availability.


  • Capability to create Ticket Profiles that may be put on several products.
  • Capability to specify category, severity and specialist information during the time of allowing the profile. This removes the requirement for the Help-desk analyst to by hand consider the ticket after which assign it towards the appropriate specialist.

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