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Help-desk in LiveChat

Why purchase two separate items available to get both live chat along with a help-desk in a single bundle? With LiveChat, you're going to get both live chat and help-desk software in a cost of 1 product.

No requirement for third party integrations

Since LiveChat’s help-desk software continues to be included in the live chat application, you will not suffer from any integrations. You receive the entire live chat and help-desk functionality as they are.

Deep cooperation

All existing and new LiveChat features consider both live chat and help-desk functionality. Once we give a new report, new filter or perhaps a new feature to LiveChat, our help-desk software will get it too.

Effective help-desk features

LiveChat’s help-desk software programs are a completely-featured product. You receive the entire advantage of a ticketing system inside the LiveChat application.

Works after-hrs

Your clients can make contact with you while using after-hrs form in your website. All messages left in by doing this is going to be submitted for your help-desk. When you are getting back online, you'll have the ability to respond.

“After-hrs ticket–form always helps because it shows possible client that people care. Consequently of the, we sell 100s of packages.”

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