Cloud Help Desk software

Jitbit provides a full-featured cloud help-desk software solution that's supported by Amazon's premium cloud computing. Our located help-desk is really located within the cloud. Hurricane Sandy had slightly hit our helpdesk servers this year and even though there is no outage by itself, we've made the decision to maneuver our helpdesk servers towards the cloud.

Interested in our cloud architecture?

Like a help-desk software provider we cope with IT-support people, software engineers, Internet startup founders, CIOs, freelance IT-consultants along with other "technical" people a great deal. These men keep asking the architecture behind the application. Not a problem, that is what we'd want to consider.

Help-desk within the Cloud

OK, we use Amazon . com. That virtually sums everything up. We've servers at two Amazon's locations - the "US-East" (Virginia) datacenter and "US-West-1" (California). More...

The servers

For the helpdesk we rent numerous "large instance" "EBS-backed" cloud servers with 16 Gigs of memory and 4 CPU cores - for database and web-servers. We have a lot of more compact linux-based "micro" boxes that perform plenty of maintenance work: email-routing for that helpdesk application (we provide free emails remember?), backup-scripts along with other maintetance jobs (monitoring, notifying and much more).

All servers are supported every day entirely (aside from the frequent database backup copies which happen on the servers) - the entire server hard disk has been supported being an image, and also the image will be saved on Amazon's S3 drives.

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