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F you’re reading through this you’ve most likely already seen the chat capacity that ServiceNow provides. A great feature but it’s only presently available should you deploy the ServiceNow cms (Content management systems) together with it. I lately labored having a co-worker, Greg Willis, to build up a method to add finish-user Help-desk chat capacity to some standard home page. This short article describes how it can be done too!
The fundamental concept behind this really is to leverage a Content management systems site page having a chat link within the standard frameset on the home page. This is achieved by establishing the Content management systems site, page and content, after which putting that page within an iframe widget on the home page. Listed here are the step-by-step instructions.

From your new page, click the ‘Edit Page’ link at the bottom of the form. Once in the edit view, click the ‘Add content’ link and add a New Dynamic Content block as shown here…1) Install the information Management and Chat Plug ins

This solution doesn’t change the truth that finish-user chat capacity is just based on the Content management systems wordpress plugin. It's not necessary to setup a complete-fledged Content management systems site, but you will have to install the wordpress plugin. Here’s the Content management systems wiki link to learn more. You’ll should also make certain you will find the chat wordpress plugin installed.

2) Generate a new ‘Site’ record

This tutorial assumes that you simply shouldn't make use of a full Content management systems implementation. To be able to obtain the chat functionality we want, you are able to generate a fundamental Content management systems site having a single page. Navigate to ‘Content Management->Sites’ and make up a new site record. You simply need to complete the next information…
Title: Stand alone Chat
Suffix: chat

IMPORTANT!!! It's important to return to your website record after finishing step three below to complete the ‘Home page’ value for the site!

3) Produce a new page for the chat site

The page is exactly what will really display the chat widget. The key factor here's to select a layout which will look great within the widget we’ll create later and also to make certain to connect the page towards the site you produced in step two. Listed here are the page configurations you need to use in line with the input from step two above.
Title: Chat page
URL suffix: chat
Layout: Content management systems 1 Column
Content site: Stand alone Chat

IMPORTANT!!! Once you’ve produced this site you need to return to the website record produced in step two and hang this site because the ‘Home page’ value inside your site record!

4) Give a new Dynamic Content block for your page

Your Dynamic Content block ought to be set up using the following settings…

‘Chat’ Dynamic Content block

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