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CliQr is worked up to become demoing our integration with ServiceNow in the Knoweldge15 conference, April 20-22 in Vegas. The conference theme is “Everything like a Service.” Clients presently using the awesome energy from the ServiceNow platform are now able to easily add provisioning associated with a application on any cloud, for their service catalog.

I labored with lots of the founders and early employees of ServiceNow at Peregrine “back within the day”. Their effective efforts developing client-server era Help-desk also it Service Management solutions at Peregrine has assisted guide their much more effective cloud-era IT Service Management, IT Procedures Management also it Business Management solutions at ServiceNow.

On my small proverbial :C drive (now cloud drive), I've 15-years old service catalog presentations and datasheets that advertise exactly the same advantages of today’s effective solutions.

What’s the purpose of my nostalgia?

We’ve advanced significantly gradually

The continues to be speaking about delivering It as being something for your lengthy. ITIL assisted begin a common language for this service delivery, however the technology limited the vision. For too lengthy, the service catalog would be a static list. Then, the service catalog products grew to become links that began tickets for manual response. Then your ticket started of the semi automated workflow with less manual tasks, then automated workflow with increased automated tasks.

At the moment shall we be at the stage where the service catalog is really a portal having a button that's from the automation and orchestration that provides the service when needed. Now we are able to truly deliver Everything like a Service, including any application on any cloud, with no trail of tickets that flow from team to team just like a bucket brigade fighting a fireplace.

Within the “Uber era, ” shall we be at the stage where IT clients expect, and may get with a single click, self-service, when needed IT services delivery?

Cloud Enabling ServiceNow

Service catalog with any application, any cloud

CliQr CloudCenter can certainly extend your ServiceNow deployment to automate provisioning associated with a application stack, to the cloud, at this time:

  • With no extended expertise project
  • Without scripting each application for every cloud
  • Without refactoring application code
  • Without needing to be a specialist around the underlying cloud services and APIs
  • Without cloud lock-in

And more importantly, you are able to immediately increase client satisfaction for designers, business customers, as well as IT groups searching to automate areas of their jobs – that would like to get what they need from this, once they need it.

CloudCenter Highlights

Composite Topologies: CloudCenter supports a multitude of application types, for example multi-tier, batch, and-performance compute, in addition to loosely combined architectures provisioned via Docker containers. Additionally, it supports a multitude of technologies, for example Java.internet, and Node.js, additionally to PaaS and IaaS services, for example caching, load balancing, and database services.

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