Self Service Help Desk Portal

Your support might not be open to take calls, twenty-four hours a day. As well as your clients prefer to try to determine methods to their issues before getting in touch with you to begin with.

However with Freshdesk, you are able to setup a web-based support portal where customers comes in and discover helpful information. Host the solutions towards the most tricky questions, let clients look into the status of the inquiries and supply a residential area to allow them to discuss your products. This way, even if you are away, your clients will find solutions themselves every time they need.

Conserve a k-base that hosts every solution within the book

Freshdesk allows you place your own understanding base and supply methods to clients. This can help you aggregate all of the solutions you've in one place and it is available 24x7. Is it not a awesome idea to allow your clients explore your K-base and support themselves? Your support agents only will love that extra 5 minutes this can increase their coffee break!

Engage clients using message boards

Freshdesk includes built-in message boards which help you promote interaction among clients. Generate a platform to create product bulletins, feature demands and something that involves customer inputs. Enable your clients discuss their ideas and discover how they may assist you to enhance your product.

Stop disturbing clients with increased login qualifications

Getting a self-support portal implies that your clients are a step from getting solutions. Why put an undesirable obstacle within their way by asking to join up and don't forget yet another login cred? Now, you could have your clients login for your support portal utilizing their Google, Facebook accounts. Should you conserve a unique login for the site, you may also ask them to register for your help-desk with similar qualifications.

Still not convinced?

Try the disposable 30-day Freshdesk trial. Setup yourself service portal within minutes and obtain your clients speaking. Should you prefer a couple of added perks, you can inform us immediately on the Self Service Portal. We like to listen to our clients!

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