Sample Help Desk Service Level Agreement

SLAs assist you to define the amount of service that you simply provide for your clients. While using SLA feature, you are able to define rules for closing tickets, set a ticket-resolution here we are at customers and send escalations when SLA targets are breached.

For instance, you may create an SLA known as priority-based SLAs. Tickets connected with this particular SLA will require priority total other incoming tickets. You are able to set the status of tickets connected with this particular SLA at:

  • High: Resolution here we are at this status is 12 hrs
  • Medium: Resolution here we are at this status is 24 hrs
  • Low: Resolution here we are at this status is 48 hrs

Adding SLAs

You can include SLAs straight to accounts. Once an SLA is produced and added you have to specify SLA-execution configurations. In Zoho Support, you are able to execute SLAs when:

  • Tickets are produced
  • Existing tickets are modified
  • Values of specified fields are modified
  • Connected with accounts

For instance, assume you have two customers - Michael Johnson and Robert Murray. Michael is definitely an individual contact. He isn't connected by having an account. Robert, however, is connected using the account Bay and Co.

You develop the next SLAs:

  • SLA 1: You place the execution configurations to trigger whenever a ticket is produced and up-to-date. This SLA is connected with Michael.
  • SLA 2: You place the execution configurations to trigger whenever a ticket is produced. Additionally you choose the Execute only if connected by having an account option. This SLA is connected using the account of Bay and Co.

When Michael and Robert send tickets, both particular SLAs is going to be performed. However, just the tickets sent by Robert will be presented priority as you have set the SLA to become performed for tickets that are connected with accounts.

When you add an SLA, you can include targets for this. Whenever you add targets you have to specify the circumstances where the target ought to be used. For instance, you should use an SLA when the subject within the ticket sent is 'Urgent'.


  • You are able to specify several condition.
  • You're needed to create an answer some time and specify whom to create an escalation to so when. You're needed to choose a person who'll resolve escalations as well as their priority.

To include SLAs stick to the steps given below:

  1. Click Setup
  2. Within the Automate section, click Escalate (SLA)
  3. Click Create SLAs
  4. Enter a reputation for the SLA
  5. Enter an account concerning the SLA
  6. Look into the appropriate SLA-execution configurations
  7. Whenever you choose the Area Update option, choose area title in the drop-lower lists and choose among the following option:
  • Execute the rule when all of the selected fields are up-to-date
  • Execute the rule when any selected area is up-to-date

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