Outsourcing of Help Desk Services

When you are near requiring more devoted assets to deal with tickets, but aren’t quite prepared to bring in help new at this time, Live Virtual Helpdesk stages in can provide relief! With 24/7 support along with a ear towards the pulse from the MSP world, Live Virtual Helpdesk can help you by using it outsourcing.

Less Meet Your Needs

Within 180 seconds of the customer calling having a support request they'll be on the telephone having a specialist who are able to enable them to using their problem. Live Virtual Help-desk includes a 90% call closure rate with non-breakfix issues (i.e. failing os's and severe virus infections are thought break-fix).

Main point here: most technical support demands is going to be solved before your phone ever rings. What this means is more time and energy to concentrate on the stuff that matter, like getting new customers, and fewer time spent coping with mundane computer support tasks. Additionally, it means more happy clients simply because they can get instant support constantly, each time.

Your Customers Will Feel Looked After

All individuals morning hours and late evening telephone calls that you simply accustomed to area and exhaust yourself with, or accustomed to ignore until business hrs will no more be an problem. Ignore worrying in case your clients feel overlooked. Live Virtual Help-desk accumulates the telephone, regardless of time. They'll make certain that the clients know they're being looked after, even just in the dead of evening.

You’ll have the ability to rapidly out-manuver your competitors by showing new prospects and clients that you could take proper care of them 24/7. Not just that, but you’ll also obtain a good night’s sleep along the way!

Deliver Quick Remote Support

By coupling Live Virtual Help-desk service with this effective Kaseya RMM tool (or equivalent), our MSP help-desk support agents will have the ability to instantly see what's going on together with your customer’s computer around the call. What this means is faster support, handheld remote control capabilities, along with a quick resolution to a lot of common problems which might arise.

You're Informed

Live Virtual Help-desk agents improve your company’s PSA after every support session. Which means that you're always knowledgable by what is going on with any clients because the issues are occurring. You'll have the ability to rapidly reference every interaction LVHD has already established together with your client. This gives you valuable insight concerning how to best service the consumer when you're dealing with them directly. Your MSP may also have the ability to rapidly see all of the issues that are happening with that customer’s computer systems because they are resolved.

Forget About "He Stated, She Stated"

Live Virtual Help-desk agents take possession of each and every support request which will come in to the system. They'll even handoff an assistance call to a 3rd party vendor with respect to the customer to make sure that there's a closed loop support system.

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