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As SAP landscapes be complex and much more distributed, SAP Clients require an effective tool to handle the implementation, operation and problem resolution from the systems inside their SAP landscape. NIMBL’s Solution Manager Implementation services enable our clients to create best utilisation of the tools they previously own within Solution Manager. Solution Manager may be the premier support platform supplied by SAP which has developed into a reliable, mature, product which provides best -in-class methods to common problems clients face when applying SAP.

NIMBL’s extensive Solution Manager expertise provides our clients using the partner they require throughout after their SAP implementation. Before beginning your implementation, NIMBL has the capacity to supply the configuration expertise and also the project team training needed so that your implementation could be run from Solution Manager Project Administration – a main repository for your project documents and business processes. Furthermore, NIMBL supports using the configuration and services information Desk to facilitate accurate and efficient problem monitoring throughout your SAP rollout.

Throughout your implementation after Go-Live, NIMBL is able to configure Solution Manager Central System Monitoring which allows our clients to proactively monitor their SAP systems in the OS and DB layer towards the application layer. Once clients have set up the technical alerts, NIMBL then works together with the customer to define the company conditions inside an ERP or CRM that they would like to monitor – enabling Business Process Monitoring. NIMBL consultants keep up with the experience needed to rapidly setup and deploy Solution Manager based monitoring solutions.

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