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help desk coachA unique guest blog posting from Donna Earl – A.K.A. “The Help-desk Coach”

A current client presented a not unusual scenario. Agent stats were appropriate for objective measures and SLA’s. However, the service desk were built with a status to be customer “unfriendly”. The manager assured me that agents informed clients (most probably in no uncertain terms) their call ended up being to refer to them as inside the guaranteed time period, their issues were usually addressed on first contact, plus they were always requested when the customer agreed they received excellent service.

In follow-up, electronic survey customers ranked the agents/contacts reduced than excellent. My thoughts leaped to a lot of calls I’ve heard in which the agent was between abundantly patronizing to condescendingly clinical, and just how insulting that's towards the caller/user and worsening to watch.

The manner where the agent handles contacts and foretells clients leaves a far more potent impression within the mind from the user (and survey taker) than most hard metrics. Satisfaction is incorporated in the mind from the customer and subjective.

In assessing the phone call experience, customers tend to be more impressed using the courtesy, empathy and suitability of agent communication instead of hard metrics. The manager must coach and supply feedback around the manner agents handle calls, not only metrics.

When hearing agent calls, give consideration to vocal tone, pay attention to the agent’s capability to sympathise using the user, and communicate in a fashion that is sensible towards the user. Courtesy and customer support rankings go submit hands. Soft abilities lead to tangible enhancements to customer support rankings. Training for service success must include training soft abilities in touch handling.

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