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Software Metering

All of your software in one location

When the network is scanned, all of your assets is going to be imported into ServiceDesk Plus. This enables you to definitely drill lower to obtain more specific information of particular software like the amount of bought licenses, licensed installations, certification compliances etc. In the history, you will get complete details about whenever a software was installed, the workstation it had been installed and much more.

Software Metering

Not remarkably, there can be unused software inside your enterprise that increases your software budget. Software metering in ServiceDesk Plus can help you give info on the commonly used, rarely used and from time to time used software fetched from Add Remove Programs therefore assisting you plan your future purchases sensibly.

Software Compliance

Software ComplianceWith ServiceDesk Plus, you are able to extend the scope of controlling software licenses installed over the enterprise and become software compliant across all sites. Manage your software licenses as Individual, Enterprise, OEM, Concurrent, Volume or CAL license and track the program usage on each one of the work stations or customers. ServiceDesk Plus will also support suite certification and automatic recognition from the suite software, which is available in handy while controlling Microsoft and Adobe suite items. You may also track upgraded and downgraded software licenses as well as buy the upgrade licenses while using Purchase Orders.

Using the interactive dashboard, you receive a obvious picture of all of the software which are under compliance or higher compliance or compliance in the ones bought. Additionally, you can aquire a obvious concept of final amount of software, those handled, prohibited etc. Throughout the scan, or no prohibited software programs are detected, you are able to trigger notices or alerts for your service agents and customers warning them of using prohibited software.

ServiceDesk Plus also allows you realize once the licenses are likely to expire within the next seven days or thirty days helping ensure certification compliance with an on-going basis.

Software License Contracts

ServiceDesk Plus provides you with the opportunity to add license agreement particulars for your software from various suppliers and also to add purchase and invoice particulars with license contracts. You may also connect software license to some software agreement anytime with ServiceDesk Plus. Get informed prior to the license involves an expiry which means you always know when you really need to resume your software license.


  • Gain charge of all software set up in the work stations
  • Get complete look at bought licenses, licensed installations etc
  • Reduce Risk by Carrying out regular audits on work stations
  • Ensure software license compliance
  • Eliminate prohibited software and obtain informed via alerts
  • Reduce cost from undesirable purchases

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