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Samanage makes Help-desk software that you will like to use. Born within the Cloud, Samanage makes your clients happy, and will get your work done.

Born and elevated within the cloud, Samanage’s help-desk software programs are made with optimum usability in your mind. To put it simply, we would like you to definitely like it. Use our help-desk software to simplify and automate service demands out of your employees, reduce support workload, and deliver superior service across your business. Samanage help-desk software can help you rapidly increase productivity, shine such as the star you're, and sex life. Seriously.

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Beautiful Help-desk Software

  • Ticket Management

    Our online IT help-desk system is dependant on industry best-practices for example ITIL that will help you organize, prioritize, manage and resolve tickets effectively and in one convenient place.

  • Samanage SaaS help-desk software programs are fully integrated with this IT resource management solution, providing you with complete visibility into relevant resource data within service desk tickets and helping trobleshoot and fix issues faster.
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  • Beautiful Software

    Help-desk software ought to be simple to use and modern. At Samanage, we feel in building software you’d like to use and something which makes you appear just like a star – habits we purchase which makes it simple to operate in a obvious interface for that quickest, cleanest web-based help-desk software you’ll find on the market. You’d like it.

  • Reviews and Dashboards

    Use reviews and filters to examine service desk occurrences from the specific site or department, add criteria, save changes towards the report, or produce a new report in the parameters you chose. Export your computer data as CSV, RSS or XML and print your reviews in whatever way you'll need.

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