Help Desk And Ticket Management

Demonstrate to them what to anticipate, with Service Level Targets

Everybody loves an unexpected. Except once they come your way having a problem, that's. Clients can't stand being stored at nighttime after they shoot out an assistance request. They would like to know whenever they can expect an answer out of your support staff, so when an answer could seem on their own horizon. Service Level Contracts are an easy way to barter anticipation involving the support team as well as your clients.

Freshdesk allows you manage and drive support SLAs based on industry best-practices. You may also setup multiple SLA guidelines for the high curler clients, and take into account business hrs and holidays.

Your support team. Your Company Hrs.

Unless of course your helpdesk takes your company hrs into consideration, your SLA guidelines become quite lame - Monday morning SLA reviews are certain to throw a large flashing red-colored light! Obviously, it is not something you’d need to worry with Freshdesk. You're able to place in your company hrs for every day, and choose whether your SLA timers should clock business hrs or calendar hrs.

And when you've got a team working from around the world, you may also create another group of business hrs for every number of agents.

Decide to switch off timers when it is off your court

Sometimes your agents most likely take some more information in the customer before they are able to get began focusing on a ticket. And also the customer might take hrs, days, often even a couple of years before she will get back together with her response. It is not really fair to possess your timers running, and risk an SLA breach once the ticket is not really with you now, could it be? With Freshdesk, you may choose to freeze the SLA timers whenever you move a ticket to particular statuses, and be sure you do not run an SLA breach when you have been waiting.

Have a Guilt-Free Christmas!

Have you been with that lengthy due camping trip using the kids and spent the majority of the hike just fretting about individuals past due tickets back at the helpdesk? Freshdesk's SLA guidelines permit you to have a guilt-free vacation, by going beyond just business hrs and comprising your holidays too. Which means check in that arrived throughout Christmas doesn't show an SLA breach whenever you return from vacation.

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