Oracle Help Desk Jobs

The Oracle Database job scheduler can help you schedule jobs to operate in a designated time and date or upon the appearance of a chosen event. With Programs Manager you are able to boost database performance by controlling, monitoring, and controlling Scheduler jobs better.

You will find multiple claims that employment undergoes from the creation to the completion. Programs Manager logs scheduler activity and knowledge such so that the status of the job its last run time can be simply monitored. Particulars like run, retry and failure count provide valuable details about job execution to help you schedule and manage your jobs. For instance, it is simple to track all jobs that unsuccessful for the user.

Additionally to jobs and procedures, Programs Manager may also be used to watch the progress of backup copies . This can help you identify the status of backup or restore bottlenecks and also the assets accustomed to backup jobs.

Monitor Oracle Datafiles

Oracle Jobs and Backup Monitoring Metrics:

A few of the metrics for Oracle Job and Backup management are the following.

  • Last Run status, date and duration
  • Next run date
  • Job Execution particulars like run, failure and retry count
  • Passed time
  • Last Backup some time and status

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