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shutterstock_Stock-AssoEntry-level IT jobs may either offer a lot of responsibility and upside potential, or they are able to hammer you with low pay and endless tedium. Within the latter situation, you’re frequently left coping with manipulative designers and angry software clients, and also the thankless jobs are never-ending. Knowing that, here’s Dice’s listing of the worst entry-level IT jobs for 2015.

Data Entry Specialist: “This the first is pretty boring, however it still must have completed, ” stated Manoj Garg, controlling partner of Virtual Information Professionals, an IT advisory firm. Data entry specialists should be super detail-oriented, and also the jobs are usually repetitive. In the event that wasn’t enough, the pay is particularly low for this: The Bls reviews data entry specialists gained typically $27, 500 this year.

Help-desk Specialist: You need to start somewhere, and when it's not necessary a pc science degree yet, you may go into the IT area like a help-desk specialist. Based on the Dice Tech Salary Survey, help-desk jobs compensated typically $42, 512 in 2013, a small amount of 3.8 percent in the prior year. “Given all the work, the pay is low, ” Garg stated. “The worker needs to think on their own ft, even while speaking on the telephone with irate IT clients, and fixing their problems as rapidly as you possibly can.Inches It is also a job it is not your typical 9-to-5, so you may work lengthy hrs and late nights.

IT Technical Support Specialist: If you are employed in IT technical support, you have to be a jack-of-all-trades. The function involves from server and desktop maintenance to setting up desktop computer systems, laptops, ink jet printers, and all sorts of software. It’s frequently a thankless job with relatively low pay despite the quantity of work The Bls reviews the typical salary as $48, 900 this year. Lengthy and odd hrs will also be pretty common, stated Jordan Goldmeier, Boss for Cambia Factor, an information-talking to agency. In addition, there's the need to handle anxious and angry individuals who want their software and hardware issues resolved rapidly. Yay.

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